Thank you for your interest in serving our students and schools. Please take a moment to make sure you have completed the volunteer registration for this school year.

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LISD’s volunteer program is the envy of other districts across the state. Last year, more than 13,000 LISD volunteers donated more than 300,000 hours, contributing time and energy and demonstrating the importance of education to a generation of impressionable students. To volunteer at GHS, including athletics, fine arts, or as needs come across on campus, you must have an approved volunteer application on file.

Email communications will be sent from the domain ezcommunicator.com, so please be sure to white list this domain so volunteer information will not be lost or sent to a spam folder.

In addition to our PTSA, Project Graduation, and Grizzly Dads groups, we encourage you to get involved with our booster clubs for each fine art and athletics group. To connect with the Booster Clubs, please reach out to the coach of each sport or fine art.



Facebook: Glenn PTSA

GHS Project Graduation:


Facebook: GHS Project Graduation

Grizzly Dads

Facebook: Grizzly Dads

We love our volunteers, and we need your help! Please get involved, help all our children, and have a great time doing so!