SAT School Day

SAT School Day Wednesday, March 4th
Posted on 01/30/2020
SAT School Day Wednesday, March 4th

Attention Class of 2021 (Juniors) and Parents!

Wednesday, March 4th, Juniors will be taking the School Day SAT. This is FREE for all Juniors. All Juniors are automatically registered and no action is needed from the student in order to sign up. 

Testing will begin at 9:00am and is a 180 minute exam, or longer if they have approved College Board accommodations. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle with a sealable lid and non messy snacks (no snacks that can leave marks on the answer document).

The School Day SAT is a real SAT with real score reports that can be sent to college(s) of your child’s choice. Colleges only look at the highest score when considering admission. There is no penalty for taking the exam multiple times. 

Students can prepare for FREE using Khan Academy. Khan Academy, when linked with their College Board accounts, can customize a plan unique to your student that focuses on data provided on their PSAT exams.

Check-in at the entrance of the student’s testing location beginning at 8:15. Testing locations will be communicated to students prior to March 4th. Students will be required to place phones and all electronics in their backpack, and backpacks (and any other belongings) will be stored safely until the exam is complete.

Lunch will be served after completion of the exam. 

Students should bring with them:

Students should NOT bring the following into the testing area:

  • Pens

  • Mechanical pencils

  • Highlighters

  • Cell phones

  • Smart watches

  • Backpacks

  • Messy food items

  • Unapproved calculators

  • Textbooks/Homework/Novels/Scratch Paper