SAT/ACT - Leander ISD Juniors
Posted on 10/17/2019
SAT/ACT - Leander ISD Juniors

                           Leander ISD Juniors:

Take a college entrance exam during the school day

ACT February 25, 2020
11th grade students may Register between
Oct 15th and Dec 18th
Cost: $68.00 per exam

SAT March 4, 2020
All 11th grade students will test on campus
No registration required
No cost for this exam
All 11th-grade LISD students will take the SAT at your school: March 4, 2020  There is no cost to students or families and no registration required.  The SAT is a globally recognized college admission test that is accepted at all U.S. colleges. Taking the SAT and doing well on it is a great way to show off the skills and knowledge colleges care about. The SAT also offers:

  • Connections to Schools You Want to Go to: If you opt into the Student Search Service® when you take the SAT, you’ll hear from colleges, universities, and scholarship programs looking for students just like you. 
  • Career and Future Planning: All students who take the SAT get free access to Roadmap to Careers, a unique online tool that can help you find careers you’re passionate about.  

Here’s what you can expect on the SAT 

  • No Penalty for Guessing: Scoring is straightforward—you just get points on the questions you answer correctly.
  • Everyday Words: The SAT tests the words you'll encounter after high school. 
  • Essential Math: The SAT tests the math you’ll need no matter what major or career you choose. 

Start getting ready for test day with free, personalized resources created by the College Board and Khan Academy at

Please note: All LISD students will be given the SAT School Day without essay unless they opt-in to the SAT School Day with essay.  Students taking the SAT School Day with essay will finish the exam an hour later and have a later lunch ( 2:20 pm or later). Lunch will not be available until entire exam has been completed. Deadline to opt-in for the SAT School Day with essay is January 27th. Please contact your campus testing coordinator to opt-in to the SAT School Day with essay.
Request Accommodations for each test by Dec 18th
See campus testing coordinator to request
financial assistance or testing accommodations.