LISD Bus Route Information

LISD Bus Route Information
Posted on 09/02/2019
LISD BusesLeander ISD parents can enter their home address into Infofinder, an online tool available on the LISD website, to look up their student's bus number and pick-up/drop-off times and locations for the school year.  In an effort to reduce expenses and ensure real-time accuracy, the District does not print and distribute bus route schedules prior to the start of school.  For transportation questions, please call 512-570-0700.

Click here to be directed to the Infofinder website.

'GO BUSES' FOR GHS TUTORIALS:  Most Tuesdays (you can confirm on our Glenn Calendar) students may stay after school for tutoring and/or club meetings. Late transportation home is available to students for this reason.  Use the above process to find out the 'GO BUS' closest to your neighborhood.  **Your 'GO BUS' number will not be the same as your regular bus number**

SPECIAL THURSDAY 'GO BUS': A 'Go Bus' will also run on the Thursday of the week before each grading cycle ends (you can confirm on our Glenn Calendar)- please check the GHS website calendar.